GAdmin-PRoFTPD Features

A plugin gui that automatically expands and adds more options depending on what options have been compiled into the proftpd server.
Supported modules:

  • Mod_tls
    With full encryption and signed certificate handlings and creations.
  • Mod_Ratio
    With per user configurable byte ratios and file ratios including credits.

By default gadmin-proftpd uses system users with false/null shells. At startup itll add possible dangerous accounts to ftpusers/ban them.
For each user added it will also add them in a <Limit LOGIN> context so that only the added users are allowed access.    
Virtual users can be used instead of system users and be switched to and from this mode.
Individual users can be banned and even kick banned from the user tab or the transfer tab by PID or username. The transfer tab shows logged on users and what they are doing, including total, incoming and outgoing transfer speeds.    
Each user can have an FTP home directory and are automatically chrooted to them. For this and directories below this a wide range of permissions can be set.
This includes permissions for download, upload, resume files. There are 19 per directory permissions and settings in total.
It handles virtual hosts, users and their settings for each server. Multiple users can be imported to a selected server at once.    
Security log viewing and handling.    
Transferred files viewing and handling.
GAdmin-ProFTPD will refuse to use insecure handmade configurations or those that are not worthy of supporting. This may even be due to a lack of options. In this case it will present a dialog that can add a standard configuration. Configurations are backed up when new versions of GAdmin-PRoFTPD are installed. The admin can make own backups and select backups to restore. The admin also gets a configuration editor where options can be hand-crafted. All this and more should allow for the best security possible on the FTP scene today.