The GAdminTools Project


GADMINTOOLS consists of several

easy to use C / GTK+ server administration tools for the following list of servers:

  • PROFTPD standalone FTP server
  • SAMBA File server
  • APACHE Web server
  • ISC DHCPD DHCP server
  • ISC BIND DNS server
  • SQUID Proxy server
  • RSYNC Backup
  • OpenVPN Server Bridge
  • OpenVPN Client
  • Sendmail Mailserver
  • Service-Guardian
  • Threaded-Samba-Scanner

And others on the horizon including:

  • SSHD
  • Auth-Distributor (AD)
  • GAdmin-Service-Guardian
  • Green-samba-visions
    (Shutdown samba clients)
  • Qmail and Courier Mail-server


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Admin-Packages-0.6.9 has been released.
Added option: –update to update all installed packages.
Added option: –file-belongs to check which files belongs to what packages.
Added macro :PVERSION:PackageName: that transforms to the package version.
Bugfix for a bug in the ftell() function as follows:

GAdmin-OpenVPN-Server 0.1.2 has been released.
Adds optional per user and client (CCD) configuration of routes, tweaks, login times and additional options.
Export fixes.

GAdmin-Rsync-0.1.5 has been released.
The program can now restore from backups.
It switches to the progress tab when a backup or restore is started and adds progress start text.
Dry run is selectable for restore operations.
Backup at system shutdown is now supported but is probably not rock solid atm. Input on this would be nice.
Sets status color and missing programs color.
Desktop menu is also added to the servers and internet sections.
Added more help window contents.
Vector indexing fixes.

GADMIN-SAMBA 0.2.8 has been released.
Added a share path selector.
Added a home directory selector.
Shows status color. Array comparizon fixes.
Option “share modes” has been deprecated and will be removed automatically when a share is applied.
Options “locking” and “strict locking” can be used instead.

GADMIN-DHCPD 0.4.7 has been released.
Added uploading of secondary-adapted configurations via scp for remote loadbalancing servers.
Remote dhcp servers can also be restarted via ssh.
Comments in subnets within pools now works.

GAdmin-OpenVPN-Client 0.0.8 has been released.
Adds user selectable certificates and keys.
Switches to the client connection view at activation.

GAdmin-Squid 0.1.2 has been released.
Makes automatic squid.conf backups for each new version.
Now using “squid -k kill” to deactivate the server.
All options are ok for Fedora 11, Debian and Ubuntu.
Removes ACL name ‘all’ as an ACL definition type.
Added unit descriptions to some options that now require them.
Removes unhandled extra options.
Removes more options that Debian/Ubuntu’s Squid is not compiled with:

  • incoming_icp_average, incoming_http_average, incoming_dns_average
  • min_icp_poll_cnt, min_dns_poll_cnt, min_http_poll_cnt.

GADMIN-PROFTPD 0.3.8 has been released.
Removes the global apply and directory apply buttons.
Combines “add user” and “apply user” buttons.
Adds more information about adding new users.
Sets missing version color.
Swedish translation update.

GADMIN-SENDMAIL 0.0.3 has been released.
This is an initial beta release.
Service-Guardian-1.6 has been released.
Allows for interface names in the good hosts configuration section. Fixes failed host name lookups.
Adds better dynamic protection for interfaces.

GADMIN-HTTPD 0.1.2 has been released.
Adds common missing options.
Automatic configuration backups.
Accomodates virtual user management and per directory .htaccess file handling.
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